About The Business

Tony Bingham started dealing in old musical instruments in the mid-1960s, based at his home in Willoughby Road. For three years in the late 1960s he had a shop on the Kings Road in Chelsea, in 1971 he opened a shop on Poland Street in Soho, where he remained until 1976 when he moved to Pond Street in Hampstead. After 39 years he has closed the shop and retired, the business continues with Irene Bingham (wife of Tony) as Proprietor, again in Willoughby Road in Hampstead. As the premises are not a shop, but a private house, we will only be able to see people by appointment, if you want to view anything specific, please let us know a few days in advance as much of the stock is in storage a few miles away.

We plan to add to our website, on a regular basis, items from out reserve stock. There are also plans for the publication of several more books.



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Tony Bingham has published nine books:

"A Word or Two on the Flute" by W.N.James, a facsimile of the 1826 first edition with a new introduction by Stephen Preston.

"Patents for Inventions, Abridgements of Specifications relating to music and musical instruments, AD.1694-1866" Edited by R.Woodcroft. A facsimile of the 1871 edition, with abridgements of all 740 English patents issued before 1867.

"The French Flute School" now out of print

"Great Flute Makers of France; The Lot & Godfroy Families, 1650-1900" by Tula Giannini. An important and original contribution to the history of the flute, based on primary source material. Over 100 instruments plus 60 archival documents illustrated.

"The New Langwill Index, A Dictionary of Musical Wind-Instrument Makers and Inventors" by William Waterhouse. The indispensable book for information on wind instrument makers and inventors, entries for nearly 6500 makers & inventors active until c.1950. Awarded the C.B.Oldham Prize by IAML (UK) as the best British work of Music Librarianship, Reference or Bibliography for 1993.

"4900 Historical Woodwind Instruments, An inventory of 200 Makers in International Collections" by Phillip T.Young. Information from 700 collections, with bibliography of 150 cited photo sources.

"Talks with Bandsmen" by Algernon S. Rose. A facsimile of the 1895 edition with a new introduction by Arnold Myers. "Talks" was the first book to devote itself to brass band instruments and instrument making. Rose presents his unique view of bands and instruments in the engaging and racy style of his day, scattering the text with fascinating facts and amusing anecdotes.

"Readings in the History of the Flute, monographs, essays, reviews, letters and advertisements from nineteenth-century London" Selected and edited with an introduction by Robert Bigio 360pp. 33 b&w illustrations.

"Rudall, Rose & Carte: The Art of the Flute in Britain" By Robert Bigio. 316pp, lavishly illustrated with coloured & b/w plates depicting flutes, alto flutes, bass flutes and piccolos each shown in at least two views. This book is a comprehensive history of the firm and contains detailed descriptions of the many innovative instruments they made. The gallery contains hundreds of photographs of flutes. In 2013 Robert Bigio was awarded the Nicholas Bessaraboff Prize by The American Musical Society for the most distinguished book-length work in English, published in 2011, which best furthers the Society's goal "to promote study of the history, design, and use of musical instruments in all cultures and from all periods."