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Watercolour of a seated man holding an English boxwood clarinet, unsigned but painted in England in the second quarter of the 19th century, size 36.3cm by 29.5cm. In good original condition
Price £800.00
Image #35
Ambrotype of flute (Siccama system) player (?) English c.1870. Image size 6.2 by 8.6cm. In good condition, in original, leather covered, case.
Price £800.00
Image #17
Cabinet photograph of two young men, cornet (with Stoelzel valves) player and piccolo player. Silver gelatin print, Canadian c.1900. Image size 14.2 by 9.8cm.
Price £130.00
Image #8
Cabinet photograph of flute player, inscribed in pencil on back "Ricordo di / Libero Pilla / 19 Luglio 1916" American. Image size 9.8 by 14.3cm. Photograph in good condition, backing card stained and creased over one corner.
Price £90.00
Image #10
Photograph of quartet, cornet, flute (Pratten System), violin and piano, albumen silver print, photograph taken by "A&G TAYLOR / CARDIFF, PONTYPRIDD, MERTHY AND BRIDGEND" c.1900. 28.5 by 23.0cm. In old (damaged) frame.
Price £250.00
Image #11
Photograph of "MILITARY BAND, 17th/21st LANCERS / ALDERSHOT 1928" Gelatin silver print. Size 27.8 by 17.8cm. In original mount and frame
Price £200.00
Image #13

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