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Book #2328
Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society Volume XXII . 1996 152pp + 4pp, (+20pp of adverts).b/w illustrations. Contents: Sam Quigley - The Raffles Gamelan at Claydon House; Cecil Adkins - William Milhouse and the English Classical Oboe; Ardall Powell - The Tromlitz Flute; Pamela L Poulin - Anton Stadler's Basset Clarinet: Recent Discoveries in Riga. Clean copy appears unread. £12.00 (Paper)
Book #2310
The Flute A Study of its History, Development and Construction 2nd edition, 1979 (Instruments of the Orchestra). 288pp, b/w plates, line drawings in text. £30.00
Bigio R
Book #2179
Rudall, Rose & Carte
The Art of the Flute in Britain
2011. 316pp, lavishly illustrated coloured & b/w plates depicting flutes, alto flutes, bass flutes and piccolos each shown in at least two views.
This book is a comprehensive history of the firm and contains detailed descriptions of the many innovative instruments they made. The gallery contains hundreds of photographs: Simple-system flutes by G Rudall and J Mitchell Rose before they formed their partnership, by Rudall & Rose; by Rudall Rose & Carte, by Rudall Carte : Advanced simple-system flutes, including Carte's "Old System" and flutes made to Clinton and Siccama systems : Boehm flutes with ring keys, both conical and cylindrical : Modern-style Boehm flutes : Carte's 1851 Patent flutes : Carte's 1867 Patent flutes : Radcliff flutes : Unusual flutes, including those made to special order for the inventors Mathews, Martin and Welch.
Appendices include addresses, dates and serial numbers; workshop photographs, design features of Rudall Carte flutes; price lists and fingering charts.
Bigio R: Editor
Book #1957
Readings in the History of the Flute, monographs, essays, reviews, letters and advertisements from nineteenth-century London. Selected and edited with an introduction by Robert Bigio 2006. 360pp. 33 b&w illustrations. The following are included:
Charles Nicholson: "A Word or Two" to Mr. W. N. James (1829).
W. N. James: Mr. James's Answer to Mr. Nicholson (1829).
Miscellany (1836-1857): Consisting of letters and advertisements from The Times and Musical World.
William Annand: A Few Words on the Flute (1843).
Cornelius Ward: The Flute Explained (1844).
John Clinton: A Treatise Upon the Mechanism and General Principles of the Flute (1851).
Richard Carte: Sketch of the Successive Improvements Made in the Flute (1851).
John Clinton: A Few Practical Hints to Flute Players (1855).
Thomas Clotworthy Skeffington: "The Flute" in its Transition State (1862).
Theobald Böhm:An Essay on the Construction of Flutes (1847, published 1882)
£30.00 (Paper)
Blakeman Edward
Book #2289
Wibb - A Flute for Life 2016. 205 pp 113 colour and b&w plates A biography of the flute player William Bennett in his own words.
From the Introduction:-
This is not a traditional biography. Rather, it is an invitation to spend time with an extraordinary, mercurial personality. Wibb is larger than life and certainly not to be constrained easily between the covers of a book. But whatever this book is, you will be able for the first time to follow Wibb in detail through his extraordinary life devoted to the flute. Wibb has played the flute, taught it, redesigned it, re-made it, and thought endlessly about it for over sixty years. There was a lot to talk about and I have sought to reproduce the immediacy and informality of our conversations as closely as possible.

£16.00 (Paper)

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Book #1134
Die Flote und das Flotenspiel
in Akustischer, Technischer und Artistischer Beziehung, mit 2 Tafeln
1980. Reprint der Ausgabe von 1871. 29pp + 5, German text. paper.
Small in right hand bottom corner, old price and shop ticket on inside paper cover
£9.00 (Paper)
Book #1207
My Complete Story of the Flute: the Instrument, the Performer, the Music Revised and Expanded Edition 1992. Facsimile of 1951 edition which includes the author's three addenda. 660pp. 34pp. b/w photos of flutes, well known flautists etc. New index by Susan Berdahl £50.00 (Paper)
Book #2329
My Complete Story of the Flute
The Instrument The Performer The Music
1st edition 1951 The Citadel Press Inc New York
493 + xvi pp, 32 b/w plates
Dust jacket, covered in melolin, a little worn on edges and grubby; bottom edge of spine bumped, small sales ticket (Foyles) on end paper, boards and contents clean, tight binding
Fitzgibbon H Macaulay
Book #2325
The Story of the Flute
being a History of the Flute and everything connected with it
The Music Story Series edited by Ferderick J. Crowest. 2nd edition with added material, including the position of the flute to-day (1928), frontispiece of Lulli and his Flautists, also corrections & revisions of the work
London William Reeves Bookseller Limited New York: Charles Scribner's Sons 1928.
291 pp, b/w illustrations, line drawings in text plus music examples.
8vo, bumped on corners, sunned on spine, deckled edges, light yellowing with a little foxing throughout. Foyles sticker on inside of front board.
Book #1281
Great Flute Makers of France: the Lot and Godfroy Families, 1650-1900 1993. 271pp. 98 b/w plates with over a hundred photos of flutes from public and private collections: 60 illustrations of archival documents. An important and original contribution to the history of the flute, based on primary source material. Lists serial numbers and dates of Louis Lot flutes, £40.00

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Book #2029
The Dayton C Miller Flute Collection
A Checklist of the Instruments
1961. The Library of Congress, Washington. 115 + vi pp, b/w plates. paper covers a little yellowed and dusty, binding tight, contents clean. A very good copy
£18.00 (Paper)
Gunn John
Book #2317
The Art of Playing the German Flute
On New Principles
1992 Historical Flute Tutor Series - I
Facsimile Edition with Introduction by Janice Dockendorff Boland. 53pp, viii + 31 + 53pp
£35.00 (Paper)
Book #1350
A Word or Two on the Flute 1982. 252pp. Facsimile of 1826 edition with a new introduction by Stephen Preston £20.00

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Book #1398
Royal College of Music Museum of Instruments Catalogue, Part 1, European Wind Instruments 1982. Catalogue by E.A.K. Ridley. 68pp, 84 (of 196 listed) instruments illustrated in b/w £7.00 (Paper)
Book #1402
Musical Instruments in the 1851 Exhibition 1986. Edited by P. & A. Mactaggart. 109pp, line drawings. £18.00 (Paper)
Book #2321
La Flute 1974, Collection "Instruments de Musique", 112pp, colour & b/w illustration, music examples + 45 vinyl disk encased.
Yellowed on spine, lightly bumped bottom right hand corner, seller's label on end sheet, inscription in red pencil (for Steven Preston) on flyleaf.
PTUJ Slovenia
Book #1504
Glasbila na Ptujskem Gradu; Instrumentarij Salonov ter Mescanskih in Plemiskih Kapel 1994. Catalogue by D. Koter. 113pp, 6 colour plates and numerous b/w illustrations, Slovenian text £10.00 (Paper)
Book #2323
A Treatise on the Construction the History and the Practice of THE FLUTE including a sketch of the elements of acoustics and critical notices. The greater part of the biographical information collected and the whole of the extracts from the German and the Italian translated by Georgina M.Rockstro.
Revised edition 1928 664pp, b/w illustrations in text.
Good copy. 2 ex libris (Harry H Moskovitz) on title pager and flyleaf, shaken on spine, shelf wear of top and bottom of spine and very lightly bumped on corners, yellowing throughout, contents clean.
Book #2275
Incomplete Method für die Holzblasinstrumente. Schmutzig series no II Cor publishing Co, A E Goldstein 1951. 20pp, b/w illustrations. Very good copy £14.00 (Paper)
Book #2320
The Early Flute 1995 Early Music Series 15
164pp. b/w illustrations with a chapter on the Renaissance flute by Anne Smith
£40.00 (Paper)
Book #2282
Kunsthandwerk im Dienste der Musik: Querfloten aus aller Welt im Wandel der Zeit: Traverse Flutes down the centuries from all over the world: Au fil de temps, Flutes Traversieres du monde entier Exhibition catalogue Historisches Museum Frankfurt, Stadtmuseum Munchen. 1991. 90pp, 30p. of b/w photos including illustrations and descriptions of 101 European and 25 primitive flutes. German, English and French text. £15.00 (Paper)
Book #1787
The development of the Modern Flute 1979. 268pp, b/w illustrations and lined drawings in text. Although this is a new book, it shows minor traces of shelfwear £50.00 (Paper)
Vermillion (SD) USA
Book #1700
Beethoven & Berlioz Paris & Vienna
Musical Treasures from the Age of Revolution & Romance 1789 - 1848
Catalogue National Music Museum, September 12 - November 2, 2003.
Andr� P. Larson, Ph. D. / John Koster, A. B.
87pp., beautifully illustrated with colour plates.
£20.00 (Paper)
Book #2271
Flute Repertoire Catalogue - Catalogue du Repertoire de Flute - Floeten Repertoir Katalog
10 000 titles
Musica Rara 1967. 383pp. A well used copy. Torn, creased and tatty covers, former owner's name in red ink on title page, small tear on bottom edge of title page, cut edges darkened, yellowing throughout, annotated in pencil, reference copy only.
£10.00 (Paper)
Book #1581
The Development of Woodwind Fingering Systems in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries 2003. 230pp. line drawings in text. An important study.
Eventhough this is a new copy there's slight yellowing of wrappers
£50.00 (Paper)
Book #2319
Musical Instruments in the C Dayton Miller Flute Collection at the Library of Congress
1982 Volume 1 Recorders, Fifes, and Simple Systems Transvese Flutes of One Key Compiled by Michael Seyfrit 347pp, 273 instruments described in detail, b/w illustrations
Book #1584
The New Langwill Index: A dictionary of Musical Wind-Instrument Makers & Inventors. Second impression (of first edition) 2020. xxxvii + 518pp. Entries for nearly 6500 makers & inventors active until c.1950. Awarded the C.B.Oldham Prize by IAML (UK) as the best British work of Music Librarianship, Reference or Bibliography for 1993. £90.00
Book #1587
History of the Boehm Flute with Dr. von Schafhautl's life of Boehm & and an examination of Mr. Rockstro's version of the Boehm-Gordon controversy 1896, 3rd edition., rearranged, added to, and partly rewritten. 504 + xxiiipp. 8 plates, b/w illustrations & line drawings in text.
Condition: cracked on spine, plate 1, title page and following page detached, browning of end papers, fly leaves and half title & yellowing throughout with occassional light foxing. Contents good. Green boards with gilt vignette of flute player, both waters stained? Bumped on corners, some damage to spine and shelf wear.
Signature of Joseph Lingard (flute player 1880-1969) on fly-leaf.
Book #2324
History of the Boehm Flute
With Illustrations Exemplifying its Origen by Progressive Stages and an Appendix containing the Attack originally made on Boehm, and other papers relating to the Boehm-Gordon controversy.
London: Rudall, Carte & Co, 23 Berners Street, 1883
113pp plus 16pp Rudall Carte & Co catalogue, b/w illustations & line drawings, red boards bumped on corners, with gold illustration of flautist, spine sunned with shelf wear top and bottom, light tanning of paper with very minor foxing, cracked on spine
Book #1408
Patents for Inventions: Abridgements of Specifications relating to Music & Musical Instruments, A.D. 1694-1866 1984 Facsimile of 1871 Edition. 520pp. with abridgements of all 740 English patents issued before 1867. £27.00

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Book #1601
4900 Historical Woodwind Instruments: An Inventory of 200 Makers in International Collections 1993. 338pp. With information from over 700 collections, with bibliography of 150 cited photo sources. £60.00

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